Cotton Flowers


We Care About Our
Bodies and Our Future. 

FLORITA Latin origin meaning "flower",  is a company created to uplift you and every other female worldwide to feel beautiful and confident at all times. Understand YOU are unique ! YOU are made fearlessly and wonderfully! And just like a flower YOU bloom , while some days are better than others, every day we bloom like flowers to some degree. FLORITA wants to help you plant a seed to more healthier decision making with your mind body and soul.

100% organic cotton, free of any harsh chemicals , made with you in mind.


Niqunea Pearson

Growing up as a young girl in poverty , I've faced many challenges that I've overcome . And unfortunately having "girl problems" was one of them , there's been times where I had to substitute paper towels for a pad because they were so expensive due to the fact we live in a society where feminine hygiene products are seen as luxury. I created my brand to be apart of the solution ~ Nikki P.