Our Mission is Personal

Our mission is personal because in order to be apart of the change , FLORITA is company made from experience and is now the demonstration. Students, low-income and homeless women and girls, transgender , and those who are currently imprisoned  struggle with period poverty. For many, the price of a box of pads or tampons is exorbitant. Women and girls everyday have to make the choice to either buy food or a box of pads/ tampons .

Our Goal is simple because we are about action , we will be donating to those in need every time a purchase is made . WE  will also have additional supply for those in need .

We've teamed up with local organization that we will sponsor feminine hygiene products , and its not just any product. What makes us unique is we're providing organic products because your health is important. We genuinely care about your well being.

Dancing Women


Remove the Taboo.

Celebrate Your Period.

Don’t Be Ashamed. 

We're setting new standards



Somewhere in the World, a Girl

Can Benefit from Your Monthly Period.

For every purchase you make we donate % to a girl in need.



Your Cycle Can Help Recycling

We produce reusable and organic menstrual products.